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Magic that sets the sky on fire

Anyone who has ever seen the magical Northern Lights can testify to how awe-inspiring they are, and how small they make us feel in comparison.

The mystical lights can be seen from every angle in Iceland and in the breathtaking northern regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Come discover the auroras in the Nordics and prepare to be moved, amazed and left speechless.

Did you know that even though they are visible on darker nights with clearer skies, this natural phenomenon exists all year long? Like the weather, the Northern Lights are ever-changing and can seem more discoverable on some days than others.

With this in mind, we recommend venturing out into the wilderness and far away from the illuminating city lights. Why not let our knowledgeable partners and their expert guides take you there.

Join one of our 200+ Northern Lights adventures to uncover just the right spot, in just the right destination, and maximize your chances of witnessing the celestial ballet play across the Nordic skies.

For inspiration, check out our Northern Lights content and photography tips to capture the perfect backdrop of Lady Aurora. Furthermore, follow our Aurora Borealis forecasts to see when and where your chances are at their best.

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