Cookie policy

At Booknordics' core is the vision to maximize a positive user experience before our customers embark on their Nordic Adventures. We use so-called "Cookies" to ensure that this vision becomes a reality. These cookies not only help us to manage our website but also serve to improve the experience of our users. It is of paramount importance to protect and safeguard your privacy. This means that we respect the personal data you entrust us with. Please read more about our Privacy Notice here [Link].

Definition of cookies

Cookies are text files utilized and stored in your browser, which contain basic information about your browsing records, internet use as well as login details.

What kind of cookies do we use?

We use the following 5 kind of different cookies on our website

•  Required cookies
•  Analytical cookies
•  Performance cookies
•  Functional cookies
•  Advertising cookies

Our rationale for "cookies"

In order to deliver the most personal and customized experience, we use cookies to the following extend:

•  to ensure the functionality of the website
•  to analyze usage patterns on our website
•  to determine what are the most popular products among users
•  to give relevant recommendations
•  to further improve the user experience


Agreeing with our cookie policy is of course up to you. We recommend that you do in order to maximize the experience you would expect from

If you wish to access your cookie settings, you can do so from the browser menu.

The most common browsers and their cookie settings can be found as followed:

•  Internet Explorer: Internet Options -- Privacy
•  Chrome: Settings -- Advanced -- Content Settings -- Cookies
•  Safari: Preferences -- Privacy -- Cookies and website data
•  Firefox: Preferences -- Privacy -- History