Nuuk Region, Greenland

What we love about the Nuuk region

Greenland's capital region consists of the capital Nuuk and the smaller communities around it. Most notably Kapisillit and Paamiut.

Kapisillit is located in the Nuuk Fjord and means "the place with salmon". The settlement hosts only 60 inhabitants who live of fishing and tourism. It is possible to sail from Nuuk, which takes around 2.5 hours.

Paamiut is a wintersports paradise with vast amounts of mountainside, making it less likely to run into someone. In the summertime the snow trails offer excellent hiking opportunities. Sailing is also big in Paamiut, especially in summertime. This is an excellent way of exploring the fjords with its glacier or to visit old villages.

Did you know that Paamiut hosts an abundance of white-tailed eagles? It is therefore not only the mascot for most sport clubs, but the population also feels a very strong connection with the eagle which they call Nattoralik.

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