Bodø & the Helgeland Coast, Norway

What we love about Bodø & our hidden gem, the Helgeland Coast

The Helgeland Coast is a 400 km long stretch along the Norwegian coastline and runs from Holm in the South to Bodø in the North, crossing the Arctic Circle. Sailing with the Hurtigruten ships, you can see nature changing from small islands and islets in the south to dramatic mountaintops that dive straight into the ocean in the North. Travelling north you will realize that days get longer and in summer the sun starts to never set. You are in the land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights!

This coastline is filled with natural sights, such as the Torghatten mountain with a hole right through the middle, and the mountain range the Seven Sisters which is the source of many local legends.

The diverse landscape invites for a wide range of activities and anyone looking for adrenalin can find it at the first via Ferrata climbing trail in the North or take the zip line in Mosjøen. Or explore enormous natural caves, climb mountains or surf on sandy white beaches. The Helgeland Coast is an absolute favorite among Norwegians but is often overlooked by visitors. This destination is a hot tip for the seasoned traveler who is looking to explore unchartered terrains and wants to find hidden gems on the way.

Did you know that the glacier Engabreen, located along the Helgeland Coast, is Europe's lowest glacier? It is located only 100 m above sea level and is a branch of the Svartisen glacier (black ice glacier) which has its name from the characteristic dark blue ice that one finds there.

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