The Tromsø Region, Norway

What we love about the Tromsø region

Tromsø is located on the edge of Tromsøya and bridges gracefully connect it to the mainland. Tromsø has been the starting point for many Arctic explorers and is known as the gateway to the Arctic. The whole city represents the Arctic flair. In between the city mountain and the fjord you find the majestic Arctic Cathedral standing tall.

If you love the Northern Lights, you will love Tromsø. It is considered as the Northern Lights capital since it has the strongest magnetic field showing the lights flash in green, blue, purple and yellow like no other place in Norway. It is also considered as the gateway to the Arctic, with a long history of Arctic explorations having their starting point right here.

Did you know that Tromsø is the Adventure capital of the North? More than a 100 different adventure companies want to offer you a chance to see the Northern Lights. Luckily we know which ones are good, and which ones you should avoid.

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