The Tromsø Region, Norway

What we love about the Tromsø Region

Tromsø has been the starting point for many Arctic explorers and is known as the gateway to the Arctic. The whole city represents the Arctic flair and can be found on the edge of Tromsøya with bridges gracefully connecting it to the mainland. In between the mighty city mountain and the fjord, you will find the majestic Arctic Cathedral standing tall, a pinpoint of interest on your Northern Norway adventure.

If you love the Northern Lights, you will love Tromsø. Considered the Northern Lights capital with the strongest magnetic field, regular flashes of green, blue, purple and yellow shine brightly above like no other place in Norway. In contrast, the beaming Midnight Sun brightens paths during the summertime.

It is also considered the gateway to the Arctic. A long history of Arctic explorations dating back thousands of years has had their starting point right here. You are also never short of opportunities to start your journey from the adventure capital of the north. More than 100 different tour operators want to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime northern adventure. Sail the Arctic ocean under the Midnight Sun, drive an Arctic truck, hike the fjords, enjoy a dog-sled ride, try horseback riding, explore the wilderness onboard a reindeer-sled or camp out under the Northern Lights - the opportunities are endless.

Did you know that Tromsø has the most wooden houses in the whole of Northern Norway? The oldest one dating back as early as 1789! While you're here, spot museums, aquariums, Arctic wildlife, vivid landscapes, viewpoints, restaurants, cathedrals, architectural buildings and art, all throughout the city walls.

Welcome to our Tromsø - where an urban city and outdoor nature come hand in hand.