What we love about Kiruna & Abisko

Deep, deep and deeper than deep into the wilderness of remote Northern Sweden lies the old mining town of Kiruna, today the awkward capital of Swedish Lapland, along with its even more remote little brother Abisko, which it’s tempting to describe as its outpost - if the capital were ever central. Welcome to the heart of Swedish Lapland, where mother nature decides and herds of reindeer carelessly roam the streets.

Kiruna is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors and especially for husky lovers and dog-sledding enthusiasts. You are in the land of the huskies. Be a musher for a day and ride your own dogsled, winter as in summer when they use carts, or raise the bar and do a private overnight guided excursions with yourself, your loved ones, a guide and a full team of eager huskies, who all they ever wanted was to run! At night, let the guide tell you his stories around the open campfire, and be mesmerized by the Northern Lights as the colors of the sky shift from green, to blue, to red, mirroring themselves against a blanket of sparkling, frosty white snow.

Or stay in one of our romantic wilderness cabins where the open log fire keeps you warm and nice all night long after a day of activities outside. If you feel more adventurous, there’s the Aurora Dome made entirely out of glass. Fall asleep under the dancing Northern Lights. Or stay awake all night long, laying back looking at the sky, pondering how small we all really are.

Did you know that Abisko, pop. 85, has a high-class, all inclusive Aurora Sky Station where you can enjoy a three-course dinner with a panoramic view of the Northern Lights, including transfer back and forth to your nearby stay? Rumour has it, this place ain’t so bad for observing those Northern Lights.

Welcome to the wilderness. Welcome to our Kiruna and Abisko!

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