Northern Lights Stargazing Tour

By Reykjavik Sightseeing ehf.

  • All our northern lights tours are guided by one of our specially trained northern lights guides.
  • If you don't see Northern Lights on this tour, you get a new tour for free!
  • Get help from our trained guides on how to capture the best picture of the Northern Lights.

Search for the rare and exclusive Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the skies around Reykjavík on this all time winter bestseller.

What to expect?

For many, seeing the Northern Lights is the reason to travel to our northern island in winter. They are mesmerizing, and a sight that will not be forgotten.

It is simple: nothing says “Icelandic Winter” like the idea of hunting for the Aurora Borealis. Created by solar storms originating from the sun, the Northern Lights need clear winter skies to be seen.

Step on board one of our new buses, equipped with WiFi connected tablets in each seat. On the tablets, you can watch, listen, and read expertly written and recorded material about the northern lights and the stars in the Arctic skies. Available with a choice of 10 languages.
In each seat, you will also find a USB Charger and your star map.

Our expert operational team has decades of experience analyzing weather patterns. We will review each day, the cloud forecast, and the northern lights forecast in detail. We will not venture out in search of them unless we think we have a good chance. This means we have a high success ratio.

All our northern lights tours are guided by one of our specially trained northern lights guides; they are both knowledgeable and helpful and will even give you tips on how to take photos of the night sky and aurora. We offer free use of camera tripods (a must to take northern lights photos); we only have a few, so if you own a tripod, be sure to bring it along.

Every guide brings along an astronomical telescope for you to try out. Look for the stars and astronomy signs in the sky using the provided star map and see the space that surrounds in a new way.

To search for the Auroras, you need to stand outside in the Icelandic winter, and you need to dress very warmly. We are the only operator to offer extremely warm “Aurora Jackets” and warm and waterproof winter boots for rent on our tours.
Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled a day or less before event

Meeting point

Reykjavik Terminal, 10 Skógarhlíð, Reykjavík IS

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