A Photographers' Dream 9 hours - Uummannaq

By Greenland Fiord Tours

  • Embark on a nine-hour exploration trip of Uummannaq fjord.
  • Explore the landscape and take stunning pictures.
  • Spot the abundant wildlife including, whales, seals, and seabirds.

A photographer's dream - Whether you are a photographer or love nature, birds, or small communities, this tour is for you.

What to expect?

Whether you are a photographer or love nature, birds, or small communities, this tour is for you.

On this trip we will sail through many icebergs; big and small ones, and of course, we will stop in each one of them.

In the Uummannaq fjord, we have many bird cliffs (cliffs with numerous small shelves which serve as nesting locations for bird colonies) that stand up vertically in the air. Some of them are more than 1,000 meters high!

The Uummannaq fjord is also known for being rich in minerals and having ferrous mountains. One of them is known for looking like a lunar landscape. This mountain is full of colors, mainly red and yellow. We will bring you ashore, and you will be able to experience the moon landscape on a very close hand.

One of the glaciers at Uummannaq fjord is located at the bottom of the fjord and called Sermilik, which means “the place with ice.” In Sermilik, we will turn off the engine to be able to hear and appreciate the majestic sounds that come from inside the ice sheet.

The glaciers, especially this one, are rich in wildlife; you can spot seals, whales, various bird species, and a good stock of halibut. Here they have a high chance of finding food, that’s why it is an attractive place for the fisherman too. In this place, while we appreciate nature, we will enjoy a fantastic local lunch. Do you imagine a better place to have lunch at?

After this, we will head towards one of the nearby settlements, called Ikerasak. Ikerasak means “the area that comes after the fjord.” In this area, we can find more than one island. In Ikerasak, a local family will be waiting for us, ready with a delicious coffee. After the coffee break, we will visit the village and explore all its surroundings.

In the late afternoon, we will head towards Paarnat, which means “the place with blackberries.” In Paarnat, you will find two fishing huts that have been used for many decades. On top of the island, there’s also a lovely waterfall, which emerges from a glacier. Here, we will be able to hear the roar of the mighty waterfall.
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  • Level of difficulty Medium
  • Duration 9 hours