Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture in Tromsø Lapland

By Tromsø Lapland AS

  • Try reindeer sledding with Sami guides
  • Discover the Arctiv wilderness on a silent sleigh
  • Experience a true sami reindeer raid

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest form of transport in the north, with authentic Saami guides! During your visit you will also experience feeding the reindeer-herd, Saami food, storytelling, cultural artifacts and joik.

What to expect?

Enjoy the peace and quiet from nature around as you relax on a sled gently being pulled by a reindeer. Allow yourself to become one with nature and replenish your mind and soul on your outdoor excursion with us. The camp is established and run by authentic Saami people with long reindeer herding traditions.

You will get up-close and personal with our beautiful animals as you allow them to take you floating across the snowy landscape. Our expert guides will inform you of the ancient lifestyles of reindeer herders, as you explore the land in the same way they have for centuries. By taking part in this daytime excursion we hope you will be charmed by the fascinating reindeer and find that you love our gentle but curious and furry creatures just like we do - Our true hero in the Arctic.

Please note;

* If conditions change, we keep the right to amend the duration of the reindeer sledding.
* All animals used for these services are trained for the activity, however, the behavior of animals can be unpredictable and therefore it is essential that all participants follow all given instructions for their safety, and the safety of others.
* The sledding takes place as a "raid" where each reindeer and sled are bound together in a long row with the lead reindeer in the front.
* Sleds are shared, two participants on one sled.
* Alternative: The Reindeer Sledding is subject to snow and when there is not enough snow we offer Reindeer Feeding and Saami Culture instead.
Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less prior to departure
Cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 8 to 14 days prior to departure
Free cancellation if booking is cancelled 15 days or more prior to departure

Meeting point

Radisson Blu Hotel, Sjøgata 7, Tromsø

  • Meals No
  • Suitable for kids? Yes
  • Level of difficulty Low
  • Duration 5h