Kayaking for Beginners 4 Hours - Uummannaq

By Greenland Fiord Tours

  • Explore Uummannaq Fjord's area with a kayak.
  • Try out the iconic Greenlandic kayak and the international kayak.
  • Spot whales and other wildlife on your tour if you are lucky.

Experience one of the fantastic cultures of Greenland by kayaking in the vicinity of Uummannaq Fjord for 4 hours.

What to expect?

Sail out into the fjord with the experienced kayak instructor and experience the unique Greenlandic cultural life, this trip is for all those who want to try something new and exciting feeling of the cold seawater with full of surprises.

The tour starts with the guide presenting a kayaking story, and then the kayak manager has to show how to use the kayak. As soon as you have tried and been comfortable with the kayak, we will go in the water and do some practice before we head out to the fantastic Uummannaq fjord with the big icebergs with the most beautiful view of the big and high mountains.

During the trip, the distance must be in a safe condition where the leader must be in front, and the other leader must be behind. Still, this experience, you will never forget. If you are lucky, you even have the opportunity to see the giant whales swimming right by the big one's icebergs showing their beautiful colossal body and tail.

At the end of the tour, the kayak guide will perform exciting and entertaining movements down at the starting point below the kayak house.

Cancellation policy

A cancellation fee of 75% is charged if canceled 5 days or less before the event.
A cancellation fee of 50% is charged if canceled 15 days or less before the event.
A cancellation fee of 35% is charged if canceled 21 days or less before the event.
A cancellation fee of 10% is charged if canceled 70 days or less before the event.

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  • Meals No
  • Suitable for kids? Yes
  • Level of difficulty Medium
  • Duration 4h