The Kingdom of Denmark

What we love about Denmark

Denmark has “Hygge”, that untranslatable word which describes Danish culture. Danes are known to be the happiest people in the world. Quite a merit! And more specifically, the country is known for new Nordic cuisine and exquisite, timeless design. Throughout Denmark you will find pitoresque towns, gorgeous ancient architecture and a vibrant local gastronomy culture. If you're feeling majestic, then why not combine your roundtrip with a night's stay in one of the historic castles that are so prevalent there? So far we haven't even gotten started on the beaches. Oh, the beaches! All these are just some of the reasons why we love Denmark - and why we think you might just too.

Denmark is the southernmost country in Scandinavia and is a proper island nation where you find ocean or lakes practically wherever you go.

On the border to Germany in the south, you find Denmark’s mainland, Jutland, which is the home of the original Legoland! On this flat mainland you’ll find some of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches and be astonished by the far reach of your views. Along the spectacular Wadden Sea you can go on oyster safaris and during sunset watch thousands of birds creating spectacular shapes in the sky, the so-called Black Sun murmurations. If you need a contrast to the relaxing days at the beach we recommend you to visit the unique town of Christiansfeld where you experience town planning from 1773 or the Viking rune stones, dating back all the way to the Viking Ages!

If you want to combine vibrant city life with the Great Outdoors, you should go further North on the Mainland, and visit the Aarhus region. The intimate city of Aarhus is the perfect starting point for trips in this region as it is tiny enough to walk through during you visit, but still big enough to offer various neighborhoods. Each with their own charm. Aarhus is one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities to visit and we humbly agree. Aarhus is a creative and young town which you see in all the local delicacies and activities – it has many of Denmark’s best restaurants, some of the country’s most astonishing architecture, and is a hotspot for design.

If you’re looking for a little more hills, wild weather and want to see some of Denmark’s wonders, you should go further Northern to North Jutland and the Aalborg and Skagen region. It looks like the mainland but actually it is its an island of its own, separated by the picturesque Limfjord. At the Råbjerg Mile you experience beaches that look like desserts with sand as far as your eye can see, “The Buried Church”, which is buried under the sand and only the tower is to see. When you have seen enough nature for the day, take a trip to the ancient Viking city Aalborg. Today, it has developed into a vibrant port city with spectacular waterfront buildings and architectural highlights. This is a hidden gem. The Danes love to spend their holidays here and we think might too.

Moving away from the mainland you will find the little island of Funen to the East. This island is the perfect place to slow down from the wild North and buzzling city life. It is covered with green spaces, castles and even has its own archipelago. You can take a bike and explore this little island, the many castles and palaces or take a boat to the surrounding islands. Everything around Funen happens ay your pace. If you look for charming village life and are ready to step into the shoes of the world-famous writer Hans Christian Andersen, we recommend a trip to Odense. Walking the small streets with cobblestone really brings the fairy-tale magic of his stories to life.

Crossing the world’s 4th longest belt bridge, the Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen), brings you to Zealand, Denmark’s easternmost island. This is an island of many wonders! Here you find Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital and a buzzing city with some of the greatest restaurants, the Royal Palace and a wide variety of cultural experiences. Using Copenhagen as starting point you can explore surrounding castles and fishing villages in the North, the Viking treasures in Roskilde to the West and the historic Danish Riviera with dramatic nature and several islands to the South.

On the map, Denmark looks small but as you see it has a lot to offer! Are you ready to experience Danish “hygge” and some of the most spectacular beaches, designs and food experiences? Welcome to the proud Kingdom of Denmark!

Regions in Denmark