The Faroe Islands

What we love about The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic, between Norway and Iceland, are characterised by steep cliffs, narrow fjords and high mountains. While they are part of the Kingdom of Denmark, today they are a self-governed society. The island group consists of 18 connected yet individual islands with a population of around 50,000 which only 40% live in the capital, Torshavn.

A distinctive feature the Faroe Islands portray is that the islands are connected via a system of subsea tunnels, making road trips quite unique and enjoyable. These volcanic islands offer a picturesque view accompanied by iconic shorelines and natural landmarks such as and the famous waterfall Mulafossur. This mighty waterfall streams over the cliffs of Vagar Island and falls right into the ocean, a perfect backdrop to your Faroe Island photograph. Another one of its islands, Mykines, is a paradise for the charismatic Puffins and other birdlife species. They nest happily here as they are rarely disturbed by the mere 14 people living there.

With such beautifully diverse islands, comes an abundance of excellent hiking opportunities and beautiful panoramic views. From the higher viewpoints, you can witness the grass-covered turf roofs, which characterize the Faroe Islands with their own charm. Keep your eyes peeled also for the largest lake on the island, Sørvágsvatn, approx. 30 meters (90feet) above sea level, allowing for spectacular viewing. If you're travelling by car, there are plenty of hotels, guest houses and camping facilities to enable you to taste nature up close and personal along the way.

Did you know that the population of the Faroe Islands is outnumbered by the number of sheep on the island? The actual ratio is around 2 to 1. It is also known for its Faroese maritime expertise and the Faroe Islands export seafood to all six continents. What a way to spend an evening, eating freshly caught seafood and watching the Northern Lights - potentially with the sheep!

Welcome to our Faroe Islands - an unparalleled beauty of nature.