Middle Finland

What we love about Middle Finland

Welcome to our countryside heaven. In summer, this is a kayaker’s paradise and a canoer’s dream. Paddle your kayak through the grass. Canoe down the rivers. Or go windsurfing zigzag between the many islands. And in winter, the frozen lakes are perfect for ice-fishing. You can even drive your supercharged snowmobile right over them, island hopping Finnish style.

When in interior Finland, don’t miss out on the opportunity to jet-ski on the waterways that connect the lakes. Rantasalmi is where to go for a mind-blowing jetskiing adventure. You can even set out on a four-day long safari combined with overnight stays in a scenic glass-igloo with direct access to the stars.

The only thing, we hate to disappoint you, is in summer you probably won’t be able to see any stars at all. You could of course give it a try, during the two-three hours they call night. And in winter the stars might disappear as well, behind all those Northern Lights that have a nasty tendency of flaring up in the sky. If the aurora is what you came to Finland for, then why not see them on a Northern Lights Jet-ski Safari?

Welcome to our countryside heaven.

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