What we love about Greenland

Greenland is comprised of the 5 territories Avannaata Qeqqata, Qeqertalik  Kujalleq and Sermersooq and is today an autonomous region belonging to the kingdom of Denmark. Most of its indigenous population the Inuit, migrated from Alaska through Canada to Greenalnd in the 13th century.

With just under 60.000 inhabitants, Greenland is the least densely populated region in the world. A third of the population lives in the capital Nuuk. The languages spoken on Greenland are Greenlandic, Danish end English.

Greenland offer a wide variety of activities from dog sledding, glacier hiking, trail hiking, ice-fishing, kayaking, sailing and countless completely incredible views. The wildlife consists of whales, seals, polar bears arctic foxes, musk oxen, reindeers and eagles to name some highlights.

The landscape in Greenland is characterized by large tundras and vast glaciers, covering 80% of the island in ice also known as the "icecap". Greenland is another Nordic region allowing you to witness the Northern Lights.

Did you know that Greenland is the largest Island on Earth and that Donald Trump proposed to buy Greenland in 2018?

Trump argued that the U.S. could provide higher subsidies than Denmark and that the island was vital to USA's security. The parliament in Denmark however unanimously declined the request.

Regions in Greenland