The Republic of Iceland

What we love about Iceland

Welcome to "The Land of Fire and Ice". An island of glistening glaciers, voluminous volcanoes, black sand beaches, roaring waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, beautiful mountain ranges and ancient folklore myths and legends. In short - stunningly beautiful nature with stories to accompany them.

Iceland is amongst the most unique places in Europe due to its topography and natural phenomena. Having been majorly shaped by ever-changing glaciers, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Iceland's sharp contrasts range from ice-covered terrain to moss-covered lava fields. Did you know that over 10% of Iceland's landmass is covered by glaciers and its 30 active volcanic systems put Iceland close to the top of volcanic activity in the world?

The total population does not exceed over 365,000 people, of which over 50% call its Capital Region home. The openness and warmth of Icelandic people are unparalleled in the Nordic countries, turning interactions into a breeze. Annually, Iceland welcomes over 2.5 million visitors which can become a challenge for the sensitive ecosystem. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that visitors respect this beautiful habitat and the people taking care of it.

Generally speaking, Iceland is divided into 7 major regions. North Iceland, West Iceland, the Westfjords, East Iceland (Austurland), The Capital Region, Reykjanes and the Southern Region. Each region defies nature and presents characteristics of its own. Natural phenomena, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient folklore history await you.

Many of Iceland's popular landmarks are found in the Southern parts, leaving some of Iceland's best-kept secrets in its other regions undiscovered by some tourists. With Iceland's famous ring road circling 1322 kilometres around the island, it's an eventful road trip dream connecting you to all its otherworldly destinations.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Iceland offers a plethora of species ranging from different whales and dolphins to a wide variety of rare bird species. Let's not forget its most famous - the charismatic puffins, the prize-winning Icelandic horses and the elusive arctic fox.

Welcome to our Iceland - an ever-changing land with consistent breathtaking landscapes.