Eastern Iceland

What we love about Eastern Iceland   

East Iceland sometimes referred to as Austurland is undoubtedly one of Iceland's hidden gems. This might be Iceland's least discovered region away from the heavily traveled routes and big-ticket attractions.

With a distance from the capital of around 650km, the Eastfjords offer a unique opportunity to unite with nature.

The region offers breathtaking narrow fjords, lush forests, some of the best hiking trails, and charming fishing villages that allow for a memorable experience in Iceland.

We recommend to spend a couple of days in the region to experience all it has to offer.

Apart from the rich cultural offering, you can enjoy different spa locations, swimming pools and geothermal lakes. If you are a nature enthusiast, there are tons to see and discover on foot or by kayak in East Iceland.

The Vatnajökull glacier and its famous blue ice caves are a true bucket list adventure and in close proximity to Höfn.

The Stokksnes peninsula in the South accommodates the country's most breathtaking mountain peaks such as Vestrahorn.
The private beach on the relatively isolated peninsula is a perfect place to achieve absolute tranquility.

In the Western parts of the region, you can discover Studlagil Canyon. The change of water flows due to the Kárahnjúkavirkjun hydroelectric plant has revealed this magical landmark, uncovering unique basalt columns that are a sight for sore eyes.

Did you know East Iceland features the country’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðarskógur?

As you will notice, dense woodland and trees are scarce in Iceland.
It took years of dedicated work to create this charming forestry reserve in between Egilsstadir, East Iceland's largest town, and Hengifoss, Iceland's third-highest waterfall (128 meters).

Destinations in Eastern Iceland