Western Iceland

What we love about Western Iceland

Western Iceland hosts the two distinct regions: the Westfjords in the North-West and West Iceland in the Mid-West.
These two regions are technically two distinct administrative regions and offer a vast diversity of landscapes and activities.

The Westfjords offer fantastic wildlife from birds to whales and dolphins. The proximity to the coast allows for intriguing kayak and boat trips. Besides that the famously cascading waterfall Dynjandi can be found in this region.

West Iceland is home to Snæfellsjökull, a glacier-capped volcano in the Westernmost part of the West Iceland region. The volcano is situated in the Snæfellsjökull national park. The Snæfellsnes peninsula is as diverse as a region as it gets. From black and light sand beaches to sea-cliffs with humming birdlife and moss-covered lava fields with colorful vegetation, the area has much to offer. The region was also cured 2019 Winter destination of the year by the luxury travel guide.

Did you know that the Western regions are characterized by geological formation from throughout Iceland's geological history?
Diverse Volcano systems stretching as long as 30km, as well as numerous lava fields, caves, and glaciers, can be found here. It is advised to visit most of the sensitive areas with a guide, especially the caves.

Destinations in Western Iceland