Fjord Norway

What we love about Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is the ultimate destination to witness some of Norway’s most picturesque cities and awe-inspiring fjords. Within this breathtaking region, you can see the Sognefjord, the Hardanger Fjord and the Lysefjord as well as Bergen, Ålesund and Stavanger which are located along the beautiful coast and nestled between thousands of Islands, islets and skerries. On your road trip journey through Fjord Norway, you will love the many ferries, bridges and tunnels that make it easy to connect the mainland to the islands.

Imagine sailing through the towering Fjords with its timeless waterfalls, dotted houses and awe-inspiring elements, whilst being up close and personal with the natural phenomena that make Norway one of a kind. Well, this is easily discovered with Hurtigruten’s epic journey starting from Bergen and heading towards the North. It passes through almost all of its kind as well as the most well-known fjord, the Geirangerfjord and the smaller yet exotic Trollfjord.

Ashore you can walk through the embedded cities and explore the landscapes on a hike in the surrounding areas. See Ålesund’s Jugendstil architecture, Stavanger’s Pulpit Rock and Sandnes' Kjaerag Bolt. We also recommended a visit to the seven mountains that surround the city of Bergen, the capital of Western Norway.

Did you know that the fjords were formed by the ice during the last ice age and haven’t changed since? Just imagine what this place was like all those many years ago during the last ice age.

Welcome to our Fjord Norway - where travelling here feels like travelling back in time.