Bergen & Hardanger, Norway

What we love about Bergen & Hardanger

We love Bergen, the Hansa beer (Norway’s biggest family owned brewery), we love the doll-like wooden houses hanging along the mountainsides and we even love the rain! In Bergen you can relive Norway’s hanseatic history with a stroll along the harbor and taste the many culinary specialties on Bergen Brygge. Or you can use Bergen as a starting point for your cruise journey through Norway’s fjords with the Hurtigruten cruise line.

One of the most beautiful fjords to explore is the Hardanger fjord, running from the Atlantic ocean into central Norway’s Hardangervidda plateau. This highrange plateau is the largest national park in the Nordic region. You should also not miss the Sognefjord, which is Norway’s largest and deepest fjord.

Did you know that the name Bergen comes from the German word for mountains and refers to the seven mountains that surround the city? And did you know that Hardanger is known for its many fruit farms and especially the Cider? Trying Hardanger Cider should definitely be on your to-do list!