Svalbard, Norway

What we love about Svalbard

The Norwegian islands of Svalbard are located almost 800 km north of the Norwegian coast. Welcome to one of the World’s last great wildernesses! It offers dramatic snow-drowned peaks and glaciers, the days change quickly from complete darkness in the winter to uninterrupted daylight in the summer and the locals refer to «summer as the most beautiful day of the year».

There are twice as many polar bears as there are people in Spitsbergen, but the settlement of Longyearbyen is definitely worth a visit besides all the outdoor activities. It offers a great starting point for boat trips, glacier hikes, and expeditions by snowmobile or husky safaris. Svalbard might be as close as most mortals can get to the North Pole and still capturing its spirit!

Did you know that Spitsbergen is under Norwegian administration and sovereignty, but citizens of all signatory nations have full access due to the Spitsbergen Treaty or that prices are tax-free?

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