Eastern Sweden

What we love about Eastern Sweden

Eastern Sweden, a region of contrasts and diverse settings, consisting of the vibrant capital city and its beautiful surrounding neighbourhoods. You can find ancient history on every corner, a fascinating archipelago stretching along the east coast and diverse rural areas not far from reach.

Experience excellence in the bustling capital city of Stolkholm on an eastern expedition in Sweden. Culture, history, diversity, art and theatre radiate within the city walls and offer an excellent variety of events to participate in. The culinary scene, nightlife and entertainment efforts make Stockholm one of the most interesting capital cities in the world.

Take the chance and explore the stunning Stockholm archipelago that runs hand in hand down the east coast. Witness wildlife, birdlife, lighthouses, cliffs, sandy beaches and endless crystal waters on a biking, hiking or cruising adventure guaranteed to enlighten your vacation.

Visit its intriguing interior cities and enjoy the historic remains in Uppsala, the castle of Örebro, the Motala ström river flowing through Norrköping and Västerås, one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Each one giving a little character and an interesting story of its own.

Welcome to Eastern Sweden - a variety of historical excellence dotted around rivers, forests and cultural cities.

Destinations in Eastern Sweden