Middle Sweden

What we love about Middle Sweden

Middle Sweden is a lush paradise of lakes, forests, plains, fields, and the occasional mountain range. Summers are to explore the lakes and canals whilst winters are there to venture off to world-class skiing destinations. From Stockholm in the east to the vast wilderness areas of Jämtland Härjedalen and Dalarna region in the west; the choices are endless and all year round in middle Sweden.

This unexpected area has a lot to offer. Bring back your own "Dalahest" from the Dalarna region and appreciate the folk art dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Discover a paradise for skiing in the famous Säfsen region or try the domestic favourites of Sälen and Åre. Join in the midsummer festivities that happen annually and become one with tradition.

Middle Sweden is a region where you can uncover some of the countries most wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Sites and named titles. Step back in time and appreciate the rich history that cultivates the country whilst tasting the famous local culinary made from homegrown produce.

Welcome to our Middle Sweden - a world of cultural heritage and untouched nature; and landscapes and landmarks filled with pride.

Destinations in Middle Sweden