Swedish Lapland

What we love about Swedish Lapland

Our Swedish Lapland is a vast and diverse region with deep forests all around, mighty mountain ridges in both the north and the west, a beautiful Bothnian coastline and an archipelago in the south and let us not forget its famous four long and wild rivers throughout.

This is a paradise for hikers, canoers, mountain climbers and anyone who loves the outdoors and at the same time, it is also a region that attracts free-spirited nature lovers and people of alternative persuasion.

Swedish Lapland is the home of many avant-garde architectural projects and some of Sweden’s most state-of-the-art design projects are waiting to be discovered inside these woods. Go get lost in the wilderness, you never know what you might find.

Or, let us help you out! In the south, visit the Arthotel in the Torne Valley. Go hiking, skiing or snowshoeing in the forests of Övertorneå. A bit further north-west, visit the world-famous Treehotel tucked away into the forest where you’ll find a set of utterly surreal treetop cabins that will simply leave you starstruck. Live in a UFO, lay in a bird’s nest or sleep in a glass cube high up in the treetops! And, don’t miss out on the Arctic Bath hotel, a SPA hotel built in the middle of a river in which you can swim.

Go further north, to Gällivare and visit an almost eccentric and by any accounts unique, high-end Sami Camp - like nothing you have seen before. Go further north still, and you reach Kiruna, the capital of Swedish Lapland. What a capital it is! Possibly the smallest one around. This is a paradise for husky lovers and dog-sledding enthusiasts. Go on overnight trips! And visit the world-famous ICEHOTEL of Jukkasjärvi half an hour from Kiruna, a gigantic piece of modern art! Are you in the mood for something a bit more down to earth? Then head to Abisko and live in an abandoned wilderness radio station which is now a guest house hotel. We promise you, you will never feel the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun more intensely, than you do here.

Did you know that the world-famous ICEHOTEL was once a remote canoeing centre with a modest focus on rafting and paddling, until one day somebody came up with the crazy idea of building an avant-garde, world-class design hotel there, made solely out of snow and ice?

Welcome to our Swedish Lapland!

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