Southern Sweden

What we love about Southern Sweden

In the very south of Sweden, only a short train ride from Copenhagen awaits our regions of Skåne and Blekinge. Sunny and lush, these regions will charm you with their bright yellow canola fields, miles and miles of unexpectedly white sandy beaches and a bounty of cosy villages and small towns along the coast. Go explore - they’re just waiting to be discovered.

Why not rent a car in Malmö and explore Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Ystad, Kalmar and other out-of-the-ordinary destinations nearby? From Kalmar, take the bicycle ferry to the sandy summer island of Öland and bike around this 137 km long summer paradise located in what is probably the sunniest, sandiest and saltiest region of Sweden.

A bit further north is Småland, famous for its traditional red cottages and hilly green forest scenery. Go here in June! Rent a cottage with your loved ones, seek out the nearest midsummer pole party and remind your group to bring their freshly made flower garland.

Or visit another time of the year and discover the enchanting small-town societies of Småland as you roll through beautiful landscapes that invite for exploration and adventure.

Växjö and Jönköping are two towns well worth a stop on your way. But the road trip should be your real destination.

Did you know that both IKEA and Pippi Longstocking come from the forests of Småland? Ingvar Kamprad founded his first IKEA in this region as a mail-order service, in the year 1943. And Astrid Lindgren wrote her first Pippi Longstocking in these woods, published in 1945. Is there something in the air?