Western Sweden

What we love about Western Sweden

Stretching from the Norwegian border in the north to Halland in the south, Western Sweden is an archipelago paradise with gorgeous lunar-like landscapes and crystal clear waters. Visit Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet in Bohuslän; a locals favourite area of wilderness in Dalsland; cruise along the historic Göta Canal, one of Sweden’s national landmarks in Västergötland; and explore the 8,000 islands archipelago decorating the coastline close to Sweden's beautiful city of Gothenburg.

Western Sweden offers lots of fun experiences for everyone, whether you come here on your own or with your family, there is an abundance of activities and adventures to be had. Go biking, hiking, paddling, kayaking and sightseeing the breathtaking archipelago, never too far from sight. Full of shimmering lakes and deep forests; museums and art; historic buildings and Castles, this western gem is a magnificent region to venture into during your Swedish vacation.

Stay in quirky accommodation, idyllic cottages or Swedish glass cabins on the lakeside underneath the starlit skies. Not forgetting that the cuisine in this region is also well worth the journey. Fresh natural ingredients, freshly caught seafood and traditional foods that are as genuine as they are delicious are praised by tourists and adored by locals.

Welcome to our Western Sweden - where the days are bright, the natural landscapes stunning and the historical significance mind-blowing.

Destinations in Western Sweden