Privacy policy

Nordic Adventure Group AS, registered in the Kingdom of Norway under VAT number NO 918 295 100 [Nordic Adventure Group], owns and operates the website “” [the Website] as an Online Travel Agent (OTA) with the purpose of assisting those who access the website [Users] with searching, finding and booking adventure activities, safaris, tours and excursions, hotel accommodation, adventure accommodation, cruises, rental cars and flights [collectively, Products] as well as pre-packaged, flexible itineraries and pre-packaged, fixed itineraries [collectively, Packages] to and/or within the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden including their sub-terrains and jurisdictions [the Service], and with no other purpose.

Nordic Adventure Group provides the Service in collaboration with independent adventure operators and third-party suppliers who are individually responsible for providing the different Products and Packages. Users [henceforth “You”] may access the Website to utilize the Service in agreement with the general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the Service.

1.0 Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting and respecting Your privacy. This document outlines our Policy for data collection, data usage, data storage, retention time, data disclosure and protection of Your personal data.

The Privacy Policy describes the various forms of data-processing performed by Nordic Adventure Group in relation to Your use of the Website. By continuing to use the Website, You agree to this Privacy Policy.

2.0 Updates to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to update the Privacy Policy at any time without first asking for Your explicit consent. By continuing to use the Website, you agree to updates in the Privacy Policy.

If a policy change and/or amendment should result in a reduction of your rights, we commit to inform you proactively by way of e-mail and/or other relevant communication channels.

3.0 Data collection

We follow the European legal framework for handling of personal data and shall always be compliant with the rules and regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].

The data we collect includes both traffic data and personal data which You provide on the Website.

The only mandatory personal data we ask from You is the data needed to deliver the Service, i.e. to ensure delivery to You of those travel products that You book on the Website. Any further data You choose to enter is optional, as indicated in the field of data entry on the Website.

The personal data we collect is always limited to the data You provide on the Website, such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card details, etc. We do not collect, seek out or try to obtain personal data about You from any other source.

3.1 What data is collected?

The type of data collected can be grouped into traffic data and personal data.

Traffic data is anonymous user session data, such as the number of pages You have visited and the time spent on these individual pages, which is collected automatically for the purpose of statistics and analysis. By using the Website, You consent to us collecting anonymous traffic data based on Your behavior on the site.

Personal data includes Your full name, address, e-mail address, age, sex, interests, and any other information which you willfully provide on the Website.

Traffic data is anonymous and will not be linked to your personal data.

4.0 Purpose of collecting personal data

Our objective for collecting personal data is to ensure delivery of the Service to You.

We commit to only make legitimate use of Your personal data and will under no circumstance sell, resell, lease, or in any way make commercial use of the personal data collected in relation to Your use of the Website.

Only with Your explicit consent will we make use of Your personal data for information and marketing purposes such as sending you newsletters and e-mailings. By registering with a profile on the Website, and/or by booking a travel product on the Website, You provide such initial consent. You are free to opt out of this service at any time, by following the designated procedure described in the bottom of our newsletters and e-mailings.

We reserve the right to share personal data in the unlikely event of being required to do so to fulfill any legal obligations by the authorities of our jurisdiction.

5.0 Storage of personal data

In order to protect You against theft and loss of personal data by hackers, criminals and others with ill intent, all personal data is stored in an encrypted database based on Microsoft Azure technology, proprietary to Nordic Adventure Group AS.

You may at any time gain insight into the personal data that we have stored about You, by sending an e-mail to or by contacting our customer service team by phone. You also have the right to have all personal data deleted, upon Your request.

Unless you sign up with an account, we will only keep Your personal data stored until it has served its purpose, i.e. until the travel product(s) that you have booked is/are fulfilled. If you have booked multiple travel products, personal data is stored until the last travel product is fulfilled.

Provided that we have Your consent, we retain the right to keep Your e-mail address and first name for the purpose of sending You Newsletters, E-mailings, updates and other relevant information.

If you sign up with an account, we will store only the minimum information needed to sustain the account, for the duration of the account. You may at any time choose to delete Your account, thereby also deleting the personal information we have collected about You. The information needed to sustain an account includes your full name, residential address, e-mail address, sex and age. You may also opt to save Your credit card details, excluding the three-digit CVV security code, for the purpose of enabling a more efficient booking experience in the future.

6.0 Disclosure of personal data

We will not disclose Your personal data to anyone for any reason other than to ensure that Nordic Adventure Group and our affiliated partners can provide You with the Service.

Hence, by making a booking you consent to us sharing your personal information with suppliers, third-party providers and collaboration partners who are part of the value chain in delivering the Product(s) and/or Package(s) that You have booked. You understand that these parties are independent entities over which Nordic Adventure Group AS does not have explicit control, and agree not to hold Nordic Adventure Group liable, accountable or in any way responsible for the acts and policies of these third-party entities.

You furthermore agree to share Your personal data with management, officers, employees and representatives of Nordic Adventure Group, as well as with advisors and external contractual partners of Nordic Adventure Group, as needed to provide You with the Service and in accordance with the policy outlined in this document.

We may also share Your personal data when required by authorities under Norwegian / EU law.

7.0 Log-in via third parties

When logging in via third parties, we may ask for access to Your profile information including, but not limited to your full name, e-mail address, sex, age and country of residence. By using this method to log in, You agree to us collecting this information about You.

8.0 Governing law

The Website is operated by Nordic Adventure Group AS, an online travel agency located in Oslo, Norway and this Agreement is governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Norway. Norway is a member of the European Economic Community and follows European Union law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).