Your great experience is our reward

Every day, we strive to deliver magnificent experiences for northbound travelers from all over the world!

To achieve this, nothing is more important than the quality of our service and your experience when you explore our Nordic bounties on a tour booked with us. For this reason, we hand-pick every single operator and apply great caution to this selection process.

A homegrown and niche travel company, made by Nordic locals and adventurers, we know which operators that deliver great quality experiences over time, and which to avoid. From Finland in the East to Iceland in the West, and from Norway in the North to Denmark in the south, we have partnered up with exactly those operators that we know deliver consistent quality adventures, over time.

When you book an adventure with us:

  • Your booking is confirmed with the operator right away. No need to reconfirm.

  • Your payment is registered both with us, and with the operator. No need to worry.

  • The operator will be there to meet you on location, or pick you up from the indicated pick-up point.

At the end of the day, your experience depends on the delivery of our partners. For this reason we apply great caution in our selection process and recognize how important this is to our travelers.

Our stubborn ethos is to always deliver the best possible experience to you - both before, during and after your trip!

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