Terms & conditions

Nordic Adventure Group AS, registered in the Kingdom of Norway under VAT No. NO 918 295 100 [Nordic Adventure Group], owns and operates the website “Booknordics.com” [the Website] as an Online Travel Agent (OTA) with the purpose of assisting those who access the website [Users] with searching, finding and booking adventure activities, safaris, tours and excursions, hotel accommodation, adventure accommodation, cruises, rental cars and flights [collectively, Products] as well as pre-packaged, flexible itineraries and pre-packaged, fixed itineraries [collectively, Packages] to and/or within the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden including their sub-terrains and jurisdictions [the Service], and with no other purpose.

Nordic Adventure Group provides the Service in collaboration with independent suppliers and third-party affiliate partners [henceforth “We”/”Us”/“Our”] who are individually responsible for providing the different Products and Packages. Users [henceforth “You”] may access the Website to make use of the Service in agreement with the general Terms and Conditions of the Website.

1.0 The Agreement

1.1 Parties to the Agreement

In the Service, the respective Products and Packages are provided by individual third-party companies [Providers] over which Nordic Adventure Group has no direct control, and in whom Nordic Adventure Group has no ownership stake. You understand that the parties involved may vary depending on the Product in question.

You make payment on the Booknordics.com Website and We remain party to Your agreement. If You wish to cancel, rebook, amend, change or inquire as to any booking, You may do so directly on Booknordics.com or by contacting Nordic Adventure Group customer service at help@booknordics.com or by phone.

1.2 Acceptance of the Agreement

By using the Website You accept this Agreement and are subject to the Terms and Conditions specified herein. We advice you to read the Agreement carefully to ensure that you fully understand your legal rights and limitations on these rights.

1.3 Updates to the Agreement

We reserve the right to update the Agreement and will endeavor when appropriate to inform You about the last instance of changes to the Terms and Conditions in the header of the document, by E-mail to any E-mail address which You have registered to Your account or by any other method considered appropriate by Us.

1.4 Terms and Conditions of Providers

Terms and Conditions of Providers may apply additionally to the Terms and Conditions stated in this Agreement, and if so these will be made available to you by the Provider, after booking.

By making a booking on the Website, You agree to both the Terms and Conditions of the individual Provider and the Terms and Conditions of Nordic Adventure Group. In the unlikely event of a conflict between the Terms and Conditions of a Provider and Nordic Adventure Group, the Terms & Conditions of Nordic Adventure Group shall prevail.

This Agreement constitutes the whole Agreement, without modifications, amendments, exclusions or adaptations of any sort and shall prevail, subject to applicable law.

2.0 The Website

2.1 Proprietary content

All Intellectual Property Rights including but not limited to existing or potential patents, and patent applications which may exist anywhere in the world, patent investigations, trade secrets, any software development, know-how, trademarks, copyrights, inventions, computer programs, information, data, text, photos, music, sound, graphic materials, video materials, software, codes, documentation and other materials [Content], belong and shall continue to belong to Nordic Adventure Group, and You shall have no rights in or to the Content.

The ownership of the Content shall rest exclusively with Nordic Adventure Group. The Website is the exclusive property of Nordic Adventure Group. Likewise, Nordic Adventure Groupis the sole proprietor of all conceptual materials, infrastructure, architecture and structure used to convey this Content and to provide You with the Service.

2.2 Terms of use for the Website

You are granted access to the Website and may utilize the Service for private and non-commercial purposes only. You may not alter, copy, download, distribute, sell, re-sell or in any way make commercial use of the Content, or any other use of the Content which is not required to utilize the Service.

You agree not to use the Website for prohibited activities or to facilitate the performance of unlawful acts by others. You understand that You are not allowed to access, copy or in any way appropriate Content by using any lawful or unlawful method such as robots, spiders or any other internet-based tools whose purpose is to retrieve information from the Website, or in any manual way retrieve information from the Website.

You may perform no activities which impede on the Website’s functionality and/or response time. You understand that linking to the Website, including deep-linking to portions of the Website, as well as to include the Website, or portions of the Website, into any sort of frame into or as part of any other website, is prohibited and requires explicit written consent from Nordic Adventure Group.

You will not facilitate or enable anyone else to gain unlawful access to any portion of the Website, including but not limited to user accounts, user information, passwords, systems or any networks connected to the Website, through acts of hacking, data mining or any other act which results in You obtaining unauthorized access to the Website. You explicitly agree not to transfer any type of destructive items, including but not limited to viruses, worms and Trojan horses or in any other way cause harm to the Website. You agree not to interfere with any online security features of this Website.

Any such unlawful attempts will be reported to the police. We reserve the right to deny access to the Website in cases of confirmed, suspected or attempted acts of ill intent, or for any other reason, and at our sole discretion.

You agree not to hold Us liable for any content on the Website which to You may appear to be disputable, questionable or inappropriate in any way and You accept that You use and access this Website completely at Your own risk.

3.0 The Service

3.1. Target audience

The Service is operated by Nordic Adventure Group, a privately held company incorporated in the Kingdom of Norway, and is directed towards customers in EU and EEC markets. Anyone who wishes to access the Website outside of these markets do so at their own initiative and shall themselves be responsible for ensuring compliance to local laws and regulations to the extent such is applicable for their access to the Website.

3.2 Availability and price quotes

You understand that the information on this Website is of general nature and does not constitute a binding offer to You. Availability and price quotes are not binding until You have completed a booking. A booking is only confirmed once you have received a booking confirmation, either by E-mail or any other form of communication, as considered appropriate by Nordic Adventure Group.

3.3 Prices

Unless otherwise stated, prices on the Website are quoted per person. These prices are based on the domestic currency price of the local provider and calculated to the currency displayed to You. Prices are subject to change until a booking has been made and is confirmed. You understand that Prices are also displayed per person for Products where a minimum of two or more participants are required to be able to book the product.

Prices are exclusive of local taxes and fees, immigration and departure fees, travel insurance, personal insurance, baggage or personal items insurance, tips, gratuities and any other costs which are not explicitly specified on the Website, including but not limited to the exclusions listed in the Product description at the time of booking.

3.4 Correctness and suitability of information

While We strive to provide You with as accurate information as possible, the actual information contained in the Website may inevitably include inaccuracies. We consequently cannot provide a final guarantee or be held liable for the correctness, completeness, reliability or suitability of information related to booking availability, pricing, photos, videos, Product and Package descriptions, meeting points, meeting times, inclusions, exclusions, images, videos, itineraries, scheduled departure times or any other Product- and/or Package-specific information on the Website.

We reserve the right in cases of pending reservations being made under an incorrect price to correct any error related to price or availability and will in any such case reach out to You to find a workable solution for both parties. Our monetary liability to You restricted to the payment You made when booking the Product in question.

You furthermore understand that We cannot make any representation as to the suitability and appropriateness of information contained in the Website, especially not information that describes the individual Products, including any and all details therein.

3.5 The Provider’s responsibility

Nordic Adventure Group’s role is to assist You in searching, finding and booking Products with individual Providers, and not to perform the actual delivery of the Products themselves. Nordic Adventure Group will forward your booking to the relevant Provider(s) and provide you with a booking confirmation once the booking has been made.

It is the Provider’s responsibility to deliver the Product that You have booked, as per the Terms and Conditions stated on Booknordics.com. The Provider is responsible for ensuring that every aspect of their program, including insurance, permits, equipment, staff etc. complies with the current legislation and regulations applicable to the geography of the Provider.

Nordic Adventure Group goes to great lengths to select reliable and high-quality Providers. We perform background checks on every Provider to ensure the best possible offering to You. Despite this Nordic Adventure Group cannot guarantee, or be held responsible for, any harm, damage or shortcomings related to an action, or failure thereof, on part of third-party Providers.

You understand and agree that third-party Providers act as independent companies who are themselves individually responsible for their actions and Services.

3.6 Booking confirmation

It is the responsibility of Nordic Adventure Group at the time of booking to produce a written booking confirmation. It is Your responsibility to present this original booking confirmation to the Provider together with a valid photo ID when you show up to redeem your Product.

You may print the booking confirmation or show it on the screen of a smartphone or a computer. You agree to bring the booking confirmation with you when redeeming your booked Product and will not hold Us liable for any loss or misplacement of Your voucher.

3.7 Gift certificates

Gift-certificates for use on Booknordics.com may be redeemed whenever the Product description page indicates a “Gift-certificate redemption” icon. Please be advised that gift-certificates may not always be used for all products.

Gift-certificates are personal, non-refundable and may not be forwarded to others. They are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue, as specified on the gift-certificate document, or as required by local law of the Country of purchase. Gift-certificates are non-refundable, may only be redeemed on Booknordics.com, and cannot be redeemed against cash. We may not be held liable in case of loss, theft, misplacement or other disappearance of gift-certificates.

If the value of a gift-certificate is higher than the price of a Product, the remaining value will be available for You to spend until the expiration date of the gift-certificate. If the value of a gift-certificate is lower than the price of a product, You will be able to pay the difference with one of the credit cards accepted on the Website.

Non-original Booknordics.com gift-certificates, issued unjustifiably or obtained in a fraudulent way, will be cancelled directly by Us. Such fraudulent activity will be reported to the authorities.

4.0 Our Liability

4.1 Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and not to hold Nordic Adventure Group, its providers, sub-contractors, agents and subagents, distribution partners, employees, officers, owners or other affiliates of Nordic Adventure Group liable for the correctness, completeness, reliability and/or suitability of any information obtained on the Website, or for any consequences of any kind caused in full or in part by acting upon the information obtained on the Website.

You understand that involving yourself in adventure activities carries a risk of damage to property, bodily injury and even risk of death and will not hold any of the above-mentioned parties liable in the unfortunate event of damages to property, injury or death. We are not liable for damage arising from your failure to comply with applicable laws or government rules and regulations. When the Website includes links to third-party websites outside the Booknordics.com domain, You understand that these links lead to external domains which are out of our control, and You agree to follow these links on Your own initiative and at Your own risk.

You furthermore understand that Products are booked individually and agree to indemnify and not hold Us financially liable for any direct or indirect costs, product costs, lost time, inconveniences or claims of any sorts, arising as a result of Product delivery interdependencies.

For example, You agree to not hold Nordic Adventure Group, our Providers or any of our affiliate partners liable for the direct or indirect costs, or inconveniences of any sorts, related to accommodation or activity Products that cannot be cancelled free of charge if your flight is delayed, cancelled or changed for any reason whatsoever, if you did not receive your rental car in time, or if a cruise ship did not arrive port in time. We are unfortunately not able to offer refunds or compensation if a delay, cancellation or any alteration of the timetable of one Product means You are hindered from consuming another Product.

We shall not be liable to You for any loss or damage, including any lost revenues, lost profits, incidental indirect or consequential damages or loss, unless We have demonstrated gross negligence or intent. Notwithstanding the above, the liability shall be limited to a maximum of 100€ or Your payment to Us.

4.2 Travel Guarantee

While the Website can be accessed over the internet by anyone, from anywhere, and its Services be utilized by anyone, from anywhere, this Website and all Services provided herein, are intended for customers in EU and EEC markets. Insofar as the home institution in another EU/EEC country recognizes the Norwegian guarantee, residents of EU and EEC countries are fully covered by Norwegian regulations related to package travel and travel guarantees.

These regulations stipulate that certain packaged tours and linked travel arrangements are covered by a travel guarantee. Nordic Adventure Group has placed such a travel guarantee for “Packages” as well as for “Linked Travel Arrangements” in order to safeguard You and refund any payments to Nordic Adventure Group for any services not performed in the unlikely event of our insolvency, as required under the Norwegian Package Travel Act.

According to Norwegian law, any bundle of two or more Products sold together, i.e. booked and paid in the same transaction, are covered by the definition of “Packages”. Two or more Products that are sold individually, however, i.e. booked and paid through individual transactions and within a timeframe of 24 hours are covered by the definition of a “Linked Travel Arrangement”.

Nordic Adventure Group has provided a travel guarantee to the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund. If the travel services booked are not performed in the instance of our insolvency, You may contact the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund at the following address: Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund, Roald Amundsens gate 6, Oslo 0160, Norway, Tel: +47 51 85 99 40, E-mail: firmapost@rgf.no, website: www.rgf.no.

4.3 Personal data and Privacy Policy

We appreciate Your need for privacy. Please consult the Nordic Adventure Group Privacy Policy for more information on how Nordic Adventure Group protects and treats your personal data. The Privacy Policy shall be understood as part of this Agreement.

While Nordic Adventure Group will not sell, resell, distribute or make any use of Your personal data for commercial purposes, or otherwise for our own financial gain, We will collect certain information about You to be able to deliver the Service and to ensure that timely information reaches Providers and other partners who will deliver Products and Services to You.

Nordic Adventure Group retains the right to share such information when needed to protect Our owners, employees, suppliers, customers, to safeguard our operations, to protect our property and/or internal systems, and when doing so, always in compliance with Norwegian and EU/EEC regulations, hereunder GDPR legislation.

You may at any time gain insight into the data we have registered on You by contacting us by e-mail at help@booknordics.com or by phone.

5.0 Your Liability

5.1 Truthfulness / Booking

By completing a booking on the Website, You warrant that You are at least 18 years of age and have the legal authority to enter into the Agreement, to utilize the Service and to complete a binding booking for Yourself and/or on behalf of anyone else for whom You perform the booking. You acknowledge our Privacy Policy and our practices therein.

You agree to provide correct data at the time of booking (age, height, number of people, etc.) and acknowledge that the consequence of providing untruthful data may lead to additional charges or cancellation of the booking.

You agree to make only legitimate reservations, and not to make any false reservations, and to guarantee and/or make an upfront payment for every reservation with a valid credit card from one of the payment providers that are accepted on the Website.

5.2 Accounts

We recommend that You create a user account to utilize the features of the Website. This requires sharing certain personal information about Yourself such as gender, age, interests and adventure preferences. We will treat Your personal data strictly confidential and in accordance with applicable law. Please consult our Privacy Policy for further details. You are responsible for selecting a personal password which You may not pass onto others and are obliged to keep this password safe from any third party. We have no liability to You or anyone else for any unauthorized transactions that may take place with Your password and/or with Your account. You agree to indemnify us from any and all claims related to unauthorized transactions that involve Your account, username and/or password.

Please be advised that unauthorized use of passwords and/or personal accounts could mean liability to Nordic Adventure Group and/or others.

Accounts are personal and confidential. You may create only one account for Yourself and may not have several accounts at the same time. You are not allowed to impersonate someone else and may not create an account in somebody else’s name. We ask You to provide Your personal e-mail address when registering for an account.

We reserve the right to terminate Your account at any time, for any reason, for example if Your acts are understood to be inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions. Upon termination of Your account, You may be prevented from accessing information on the Website.

You are free to terminate your account at any time.

5.3 Identification

You might be asked to identify yourself and verify Your age by our third-party Providers, in which case you are responsible to provide a valid photo ID.

5.4 Conduct

You are obliged to follow each Provider’s individual set of rules and regulations related to delivery of the Products, for example to keep silent after a certain hour, or to wear certain protective gear, as specified in the Provider’s Terms & Conditions.

You are fully liable for damages resulting from disobeying any rules and regulations presented by the Provider. We maintain the right to cancel the Agreement should You behave disruptively or cause damage to any property ofthe Provider. We therefore strongly suggestion you familiarize yourself with the Provider’s own terms and conditions.

5.5 Complaints and Disagreements

While We strive to provide You with the best possible experience at any time, and do our best to make You satisfied, We recognize that complaints and disagreements may inevitably come to pass. In such situations, You agree to first provide Us with an opportunity to resolve the situation by any means deemed fitting by Us, and on Our terms, before making any cancellation, amendments or changes of any sort, and before issuing any sort of claim for compensation.

You agree to contact Nordic Adventure Group customer service as soon as possible and latest 24 hours after an incident has taken place. Alternatively, You may contact the Provider and resolve the issue on the spot, after which You are obliged to inform Nordic Adventure Group customer service about any further need for assistance as soon as possible, and latest 24 hours after the incident took place. If You do not contact our customer service as per the above, and/or if You fail to require additional assistance from Us within the timeframe set, We may at our sole discretion decide whether or not, and if so to what degree, to offer You compensation for Your claim.

Nordic Adventure Group is not Party to disagreements directly between You and a Provider, or any case of discontent due to quality, faults or deficiencies that may have arisen before or during the stay, or any other form of dispute. You agree to explicitly resolve such issues Yourself directly with the Provider.

6.0 Payment, Cancellations, Changes and Amendments

6.1 Payment

For Flights and ordinary Hotel accommodation, payment is made on the Expedia.ie website directly to Expedia. Rental cars are paid on-site directly to AVIS. All other payments are done on the Booknordics.com website directly to Nordic Adventure Group, where You agree to perform payment with one of the payment methods accepted on the Website.

Nordic Adventure Group accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB credit cards. You agree to make full payment upfront. The applicable taxes, customs, duties and charges imposed by government authorities or airport authorities must be paid by You.

We add no payment fee to Your transaction. Other parties involved in the transaction such as Your bank might however charge transaction fees or currency exchange fees, or other fees, and taxes and/or duties might be levied on the transaction, for which reasons the transaction amount on Your bank statement may differ from the price stated in Your booking on the Booknordics.com Website.

6.2 Cancellation by You

You may cancel a booking directly on the Booknordics.com Website, or by contacting one of Our customer service representatives, in accordance with the cancellation policy stated for the respective Product and Our general Terms and Conditions. You may not cancel bookings directly with the Provider and You agree not to attempt to cancel or make amendments or changes directly with the Provider.

You agree to the cancellation terms as stated on the Website. Please observe that Providers apply various cancellation terms and booking conditions. These terms and conditions must be read carefully before booking the Product and if You are in doubt or do not understand the cancellation terms or booking conditions, please contact one of Nordic Adventure Group’s customer service representatives, and/or refrain from making a booking. You agree to always read these policies clearly before completing any booking.

Our default cancellation policy for activities, safaris, day tours and multi-day tours is as follows: A full refund is provided for cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. 50% of the total amount is refunded for cancellations made 7-14 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. No refund is provided for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. However, please be advised that cancellation terms often differ from the default, and thus vary from Product to Product. The applicable cancellation terms are stated together with the Product description on the Website. By booking a Product on the Website, You agree to the cancellation terms of the respective Product in question.

Whenever possible, we will provide more flexible cancellation terms than those of our default cancellation policy. In other cases, for example Cruises powered by Hurtigruten, cancellation terms are less flexible than Our default cancellation terms.

You agree to not hold us liable for deviations in exchange rate or bank fees for any return payments.

6.3 Cancellation by Us

In certain cases, and only when informed as part of the booking conditions and cancellation terms of the individual provider, we reserve the right to cancel a Product when conditions for booking are not met, e.g. when minimum number of participants is not achieved. In the event of this type of cancellation/major change, if You do not accept the alternative provided, We will provide a 100% refund. However, in the interests of ensuring the best possible experience for You, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments due to weather, snow conditions etc.

6.4 Changes and amendments

All requests to make changes or amendments to your booking must be directed to Nordic Adventure Group customer service, You agree not to make changes or amendments directly with the Provider of a Product, and understand that any such action can impede on Our ability to offer You correct and required services for the remainder of Your booking, or Our ability to process any refund payments, if applicable as per the cancellation policy of the Provider in question, and frees Us of the liability to perform any requested refund payments to You.

All date-change requests are subject to availability on part of the Provider. You understand that changing dates may entail a surcharge e.g. if the price of the Product in question is higher on the requested change-to date than the price that You paid in Your original booking. Likewise, if the price of the Product in question is lower on the requested change-to date, We will issue a refund of the difference to the credit card used for payment. Any charges for a change must be paid at the time the change is made. The changes and applicable terms and conditions of the new Booking are accepted once payment is made.

We will not charge a fee for changing dates, names or other changeable information, unless specifically stated in the Terms and Conditions of the Provider in question. If, when You request a booking change or amendment, your original booking included a discount code or similar, we reserve the right to invalidate the discount or special offer pricing.

Providers themselves sometimes make changes to the Products sold on the Website, especially activities, safaris, day tours and multi-day tours. The changes made include dates, prices, included and excluded elements, features and requirements. You agree to indemnify Us from any effect of such changes.

If however You do not wish to accept a change, We will try our best to provide You with an alternative Product. If no alternative Product is available, We will offer a compensation at our discretion, which is limited to maximum the amount You paid for the Product in question. You are not entitled to further compensation.

7.0 Visas, passports and travel insurance

You are responsible for meeting the entry requirements for Your country of citizenship, or the country which has issued your passport, into a Nordic country or jurisdiction, as well as for any country You transfer through on the way from Your port of disembarkation to Your final Nordic country or jurisdiction destination.

You understand that it is Your responsibility to produce all required travel documents, including but not limited to a valid Passport, a relevant Visa if required, and any other documents which may be required by the country or jurisdiction You wish to enter. You furthermore agree that the consequence of failing to produce such documents may lead to Your being denied boarding, denied admittance to the respective country or jurisdiction, and/or other consequences for which We cannot be held liable.

We cannot assume liability if You are prevented from boarding a flight or entering a country or jurisdiction due to failure to produce the required passport, Visa or any other legal documents required by airlines, local authorities or other persons in positions of power to deny such access. For the latest information available please consult the European Commission department of Migration and Home Affairs for the Visa requirements of entry into a Schengen country and Your Embassy or Consulate: /home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/what-we-do/policies/bordersandvisas/visa-policy/apply_for_a_visa/docs/visa_lists_en.pdf

While the Nordic countries are generally peaceful, safe and comparably low in crime, We cannot warrant that travel to the region is risk free. Hence We urge You to consider purchasing travel insurance with comprehensive medical and collateral coverage, and to carefully review the terms and conditions of travel insurance you might have included in the purchase when using one of the credit cards accepted on the Website. You agree to indemnify Us from any consequences related to failure of complying with entry requirements, and not to hold Us liable for any incidents during Your journey.

8.0 Force Majeure

You agree not to hold Us liable for the consequences of Force Majeure. Force majeure is an unusual and unforeseen event beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable due care and attention had been exercised, for example extreme weather conditions, closed facilities, illness, or other factors outside Our control. Should any such factors occur, we are fully entitled to cancel any booking and provide You with an alternative Product or appropriate refund as deemed fair by us.

9. Termination

If You do not comply with these terms and conditions, Your contract will be terminated with immediate effect without warning or written notice from us, or right to refund.

10. Governing law

The Website is operated by Nordic Adventure Group, an online travel agency located in Oslo, Norway and this Agreement is governed by the laws of Norway.


Happy adventuring!

Your dedicated team at Booknordics.com