What we love about Western Lapland

Western Lapland is true Lapland. This is a paradise for anyone who loves the great outdoors and delivers on all your expectations to Finland, Lapland and Winter Wonderland. Rovaniemi is the capital and the heart of Lapland. Here, adventures are lined up, waiting for you to come do them. In Rovaniemi, it is by definition impossible to be bored.

When in Western Lapland, try the classics! Venture into the snowy forest on a husky safari, go visit Santa in the Santa Clause Village and meet all his snow-white reindeer. Or go see the Rudolphs roam free in nature, you don’t need to go far. In Rovaniemi, reindeer are known to roam the streets and probably constitute the biggest threat when you drive a car. Go snowmobiling. Go Snowshoeing. Try cross-country skiing. Try ice-fishing. Visit the Ice Hotel and have dinner in the Ice Restaurant. Spend the night with your partner in your very own glass igloo and fall asleep under the Northern Lights. The list could go on and on. Rovaniemi is adventure central.

Then there are Ylläs and Kittilä and the town of Levi, which offer an abundance of nature-based activities all year-round. We especially recommend scenic late summer and early fall hikes. Find a comfortable hotel as your base and explore the forests. Landscapes here are hilly and the forest is endless. Go get lost in the wilderness for a day and come back regenerated and fresh. Here, you are in the middle of a gigantic national park with everything that follows. Even brown bears and the occasional wolf. But don’t be scared. Remember, the people who live here have all survived.

Have fun in the snow! Western Lapland is true Lapland.