7 Days Living in Nature as an Inuit

By Greenland Fiord Tours

  • Experience the life as a true fisherman for a week
  • Discover the Arctic during winter
  • Learn about the local culture and rituals

Want to try out living as a true fisherman/hunter for a week in cold, amazing and breathtaking surroundings?

What to expect?

Want to live as a true fisherman/hunter for a week in the cold, with amazing and breathtaking surroundings?

On this trip, you will discover a completely new world in the fantastic Arctic during the winter, in North Greenland.

Your mind will be in total relaxation and you will perceive this amazing world through your senses. Clear your mind and breathe the pure and fresh arctic air, and just enjoy the moment.

In the winter huts, the local fishermen/hunters will show you a piece of their well-kept culture. They are so warm and kind and will love to share their stories with you along with a local North Greenlandic food. You will experience and learn about the North Greenlandic (Inuk) incredible lifestyle, where they depend only on nature and live life as it goes.

If you want to learn how the fishing and hunting life is kept as their main life source, then this tour is perfect for you.
Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 15 days or less before event

Meeting point

Uummannaq Heliport

From € 3023
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  • Meals No
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  • Level of difficulty Medium
  • Duration 7d